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You need a music arranger-just write e-mail.I write custom music arrangements from scratch in any style. Pop charts, Band charts, Jazz charts, String arrangements, Piano arrangements, Big Band arrangements and Small Band arrangements. I do as well transcriptions from audio, video and other files. Payment is only required after completion of the work and your arrangements are emailed to you as print quality PDF files
Arranging is profession and passion, which is based on the schools by Sammy Nestico, Quincy Jones and others. The experience of playing in different styles and musical directions gives me the opportunity to create bright and original compositions.
Clear, intelligent parts can be read easily and save time in rehearsal, leading to a great performance. Each arrangement I write is written specifically for you, keeping in mind the different needs of the each performer.
I keep in touch with my clients and support my arrangements.If you are decided to change the form, key or add intro, it can be done. Do you have the instrumental parts with lots of erasures? It can be fix, removing the excess and leaving what you need.

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